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On 18-th May XXII Veterans Conference took place at Mykolayiv Jewish Community. Guests from Israel and International Ukrainian Union of XXII Veterans also participated.

Gregory Eruchimovitch addressed to the participants with his report on life of Mykolayiv veterans.

Veteran organization counts 411 members, among them 81 operations members, 57 disabled veterans, 27 ghetto-prisoners and 146 people who took part in XXII.

The main objective of Veteran Organization is raising up young generation in fighting against fascism and anti-Semitism. We want our grandsons to live in piece. Also we want them to remember those who sacrifices their lives, especially in our region.

Veteran councils take part in charity program for indigent veterans and widows.

Every month, with help of the Head Rabbi of Mykolayiv Region Sholom Gottlieb we celebrate birthdays and jubilees of our members. We congratulate them on the pages of newspaper “Yahad”.

Members of the conference admitted that the work for the period had been done well. They thanked its chairman G. Eruchimovitch for long and fruitful work.

The new board of Veteran Organization for Israel connections was elected and it counts 7 persons.

The board president is Miron Endektstein and the vice president is Valery Pulshin.

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Conference of  WWII Veterans’ Council

Conference of  WWII Veterans’ Council

Conference of  WWII Veterans’ Council