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Youth Club “Shalom”

It is often said that all the Jews are brothers and sisters, and responsible for each other. We all share our sweet moments and minutes of sorrow of the whole nation. Although, it’s always quite a joy, when we all have an opportunity to get together.

Now we do have this opportunity, and we are at last able to gather in our new youth club “Shalom” opened by Sohnut in Nikolaev. Our new place is really cozy and well-equipped. This joyful occasion became a real holiday with our special guests—Rabbi of Nikolaev Sholom Gottlieb, envoy of Sohnut Avi Ofir, co-ordinator of Sohnut office O. Itskovskaya, and of course our young Jewish people, to whom the club was built.

At last the traditional red ribbon was cut up. However, the club-warming party wouldn’t be properly done without attaching the mezuza to the entrance wall. According to the Jewish tradition our Rabbi fastened it, and said that every Jewish house should have mezuza, which protects people who live in it. He blessed it, and our club became the real Jewish house.

Afterwards, we had a real celebration. We gratefully accepted all the greetings. Guests had enjoyed the real show and lottery with prizes. After the show everyone had gone dance at the disco. We’d put up the club schedule and nearest projects.

In conclusion, we’d like to thank those people, without whom the party wouldn’t have become real. These people are Head of Sohnut in Southern Ukraine Mrs. Ilana Shpak, and envoys Sima and Avi Ofir, who support us in every step. We would also like to express our gratefulness to the head Rabbi of Nikolaev region—mr. Sholom Gottlieb, and hope that our fruitful cooperation will last as much as it possible could.

We are Jews, we have to be together.

We invite young Jewish people to attend our club.
Address: Shevchenko 69

Madrichim of Youth Club “Shalom”
Sohnut, Nikolaev

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Youth Club “Shalom”

Youth Club “Shalom”

Youth Club “Shalom”