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News 2004

Chanukkah Concert in the City Hall

December, 12

This year Chanukah is celebrated on a grand. Publicity became attracted to what is happening in the Jewish community, so the community gained bigger interest to the holiday. In the first day Major lit the Menorah on the central street and yesterday Sholom Gottlieb along with City Council held a holiday concert in the City Hall. The house was full, and the concert itself was very exciting. The Head Rabbi Sholom Gottlieb made an opening address to the audience. The culmination of the show was a performance of Jewish Theater “Migdal Or.” Singers and musicians were incomparable and dancers were so well so the crowd rose in the applause. It was a real show.

Menorah Lights in the Town Center

December, 7

In Nikolaev for the first time big (7 meters in height) menorah was lit on public by the major Volodymyr Chayka and the Head Rabbi of Nikolaev Sholom Gottlieb. Our community has never celebrated Chanukah outside the synagogue and this year can be considered as the first one of public attraction to Jewish holidays. Rabbi Gottlieb explained that Lubavitch Rebe (who by the way was born in Nikolaev) told people that Jews must invite everyone to their celebration; because it is not a Jewish holiday for Jews, but a holiday of light for everyone.

Chanukah is coming!!!

November, 18

Dear Friends,
Chanukah celebration will take place on December, 12 in the City Concert Hall.

Sports Club

November, 15

Jewish sports club invites kids and adults to the following sections:

  • Shaping
  • Sport Dancing
  • Boxing

Different age groups and evening groups are available. All the sections are free of charge.

WWII Veteran Tauba Ryabinskaia turned 100

November, 13

Tauba Ryabinskaia has turned 100 on September, 13. Rabbi Sholom Gottlieb, and Chief of Veteran Council Miron Edelstein congratulated her that day on behalf of whole Jewish Community.

Birthday of Tauba coincided with Yom Kipur Holiday, which is known as the day of penance. Thus Rabbi Sholom Gottlieb church Kaporot, asking the G-d for absolution and signing to Jewish people’s book of life and prosperity. He ratified his decision with a stamp.

We celebrate Sukkot

October, 8-th

Sukkot is the holiday of harvest. By this time of year farmers has already done their work and ready for resting before the rain season starts. Regarding this holiday Torah says: “You will cheer up before the face of our G-d”. Therefore, we perceive this holiday as joyful and funny.

Last week the weather didn’t seem to very nice, however our holiday mood wasn’t spoiled. Schoolchildren of Or-Menachem gathered for celebrating “Holiday of Jewish Street” in frames of Sukkot celebration.

The main surprise of the holiday was the play by Nikolaev Puppet Theater. Actors were invited by personal invitation of Rabbi Sholom Gottlieb. Meanwhile, another stage was installing with Karaoke, air-trampoline and roller-coaster.

Jewish tradition says that before Sukkot has come, every Jew should have built a cabin (Sukka) in his backyard. Our students and teachers made up wonderful Sukka. You can see it on the photo.

Sholom Gottlieb and his assistant Moshe Kaminetsky appearance had a special meaning. Everyone could ask for Rabbis blessing, which is very important in Sukkot.

After another stage was built, kids moved closer to see their friends singing and dancing. As a start, boys choir “Yaldei Isroel” sang a few songs. After that dance group Art-Nova charmed every single person with their beautiful performance. In the end, Rita Sultanskaia created a furor with her song in Ukrainian language “Ya Malenka Kvitka”.

In short, the holiday was amazing as usual. Traditions are kept and the mood is very optimistic which obviously means that we are moving in the right direction. Keep it up, brothers!

New School Building Welcomed Jewish Kids

September 2, 2004

With G-d’s help we eventually managed to open the doors of “Or-Menachem” school in Mykolayiv town center. Earlier the school location was in the countryside, which was not very convenient for the Jewish kids and of course their parents. However, our Head Rabbi Sholom Gottlieb did his best to build a new school in the town.

Here is a small photo gallery of the first day in the new school.

Rosh Hashanah

Sunset September 15, 2004 — nightfall September 17, 2004

Rosh Hashanah occurs on the first and second days of Tishri. In Hebrew, Rosh Hashanah means, literally, “head of the year” or “first of the year.” Rosh Hashanah is commonly known as the Jewish New Year. This name is somewhat deceptive, because there is little similarity between Rosh Hashanah, one of the holiest days of the year, and the American midnight drinking bash and daytime football game.

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Rosh Hashanah

New School Building

July, 15

School “Or Menachem” will start it’s new academic year in new building situated in the town center, where earlier Hesed Menachem Charity Foundation was located. Reconstruction started a few years ago, though under various circumstances it is finished only by today.

– I am positive that in September children of Nikolaev Jews will start attend new school in the center and not have to go too far, as it was before, — says the Head Rabbi of Nikolaev Sholom Gottlieb.

We made big investments in that new building, so children and teachers will be very comfortable here. The school may accept 250 kids studying at the same time.

We are grateful to Mr. Levi Levaev, who always support us in our projects; the Head Rabbi of Russian Federation Berl Lazar and Executive Director of Charity Foundation “Hesed Menachem” Mr. David Mondstein.

New School Building
New School Building

Meeting With Mayor

July, 7

Recently, the head Rabbi of Nikolaev and region Sholom Gottlieb had visited Mayor Vladimir Chaika. These meetings became a tradition, as Chaika is much concerned about life of Jewish Community in Nikolaev, and always eager to assist. Rabbi shared some latest news of community with Mayor. Among them are finishing works on the new building of Jewish secondary school that is located at town center now. And opening the new Jewish Community Center. Mayor appreciated the visit and wished the Rabbi luck and fulfilling his own and community’s objectives.

Meeting With Mayor


25th–26th May

Shavuot, the Feast of the Weeks, is the Jewish holiday celebrating the harvest season in Israel. Shavuot, which means “weeks”, refers to the timing of the festival which is held exactly 7 weeks after Passover. Shavuot is known also as Yom Habikkurim, or “the Day of the First Fruits”, because it is the time the farmers of Israel would bring their first harvest to Jerusalem as a token of thanksgiving.

Shavuot also commemorates the anniversary of the giving of the Ten Commandments to Moses and the Israelites at Mount Sinai.

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Trip To Voskresensk

7 May

On May, 7 Nikolaev Veteran Council organizes trip to Voskresensk, the place where more than 12 000 Jews were killed by Germans during the WWII. 3 years ago with the support of the Head Rabbi of Nikolaev Sholom Gottlieb the memorial in honor of victims was established. It is a well known fact that somewhere around that area there is a small brook flowing. Soviet soldiers who liberated Nikolaev region could see that sometimes the water stained red color from blood. Many years passed and still witnesses said that blood stopped streaming only a few years ago. People called this brook “Jewish Blood”.

Trip To Voskresensk
Trip To Voskresensk

2 Holidays In 1

6 May

On May, 6 at Nikolaev Officers Palace youth club “Shalom” organized celebration of two holidays: Israel Independence Day and Victory Day. We all were pleased to see our veterans and younger people as our guests. There were quite a lot of great performances, and the high spot of the program was Odessa Jewish Choir.

2 Holidays In 1
2 Holidays In 1

Pesach—Anniversary of Jewish Nation

On 5 April around 100 guests gathered for a Pesach Seder at Mykolayiv Synagogue (15 Karl Libknecht str.). Everyone was congratulated and greeted personally by the head Rabbi of Mykolayiv Shalom Gottlib. Before the seder, Gersh Anbinder read pesach traditional prayers, and only after that all the guests entered the big hall to have generous victuals. It was really nice to see not only our old friends, but new people, among them are Jewish students, schoolchildren of “Or-Menachem” secondary school, etc. Gersh told a lot of stories on how Jewish nation wandered in the desert and of course about Moshe. We all conformed the order of Seder, which is more than 10 centuries old now. As known, Seder is the first part of the big holiday, and here is the schedule of Pesach celebrations:

5 April

  • 19.09 — Lighting the candles
  • 19.15 — Holiday evening prayer
  • 19.30 — 1-st Pesach Seder at syngague
  • 19.30 — 1-st Pesach Seder at UVD Club
  • 19.30 — 1-st Pesach Seder at kindergarten

6 April

  • 10.00 — Holiday prayer at synagogue
  • 12.00 — Holiday victuals Kydush
  • 19.15 — Evening holiday prayer
  • 19.30 — Second Pesach Seder at synagogue together with Sochnut
  • 20.14 — Lighting the candles

7 April

  • 10.00 — Holiday Shabbat prayer at synagogue
  • 12.00 — Holiday victuals Kydush

11 April

  • 19.17 — Lighting the candles
  • 19.30 — Holiday evening prayer
  • 20.00 — Holiday victuals Kydush

12 April

  • 10.00 — Holiday prayer at synagogue
  • 12.00 — Holiday victuals Kydush
  • 19.30 — Holiday evening prayer
  • 20.00 — Holiday victuals Kydush
  • 20.23 — Lighting the candles

13 April

  • 10.00 — Holiday prayer at synagogue
  • 11.00 — Memorial prayer “Yzkor”
  • 12.30 — Holiday victuals Kydush
  • 20.30 — Havdala

A new home

All the members of Mykolayiv Jewish Community are looking forward to moving to a new home. Beautiful building in the town center just a few meters from the Synagogue has been decorating for the last few months, and now we are on the final step. It is planned that our new Community Center building will contain internet-hall, library, gym, etc. We also want to create a new music club where all the people may try to learn how to play various music instruments.

We wait for the day when our Rabbi Sholom Gottlieb will put mezuzot on and breathe a new life to our community.

A new home

Exhibition in “Haya Mushka”

Teachers of kindergarten “Haya Mushka” held an exhibition of children’s works dedicated to Jewish holiday Purim. Judging all the kids’ works, one must say confidently that a child’s fantasy has no borders at all. They created a big clown of balloons, and mountains of color paper transformed into Purim masks. The exhibition was great and exciting. We would like to thank I. Pyshniy , T. Savitskaya, U. Kotlubay for assistance in organizing. We also thank our kids.

Parents Committee

Exhibition in “Haya Mushka”
Exhibition in “Haya Mushka”
Exhibition in “Haya Mushka”

Rabbi Meeting Governor

These days our Rabbi Sholom Gottlieb had a very fruitful meeting with Mykolayiv Region Governor Mr. Alexey Garkusha. Rabbi congratulated the Governor with Purim and gave him traditional presents. Mr. Garkusha was quite interested in problems of Jewish people of Mykolayiv and even took some problems on his own shoulders. Generally, their dialogue lasted for more than half an hour. Both remained very satisfied with the meeting.

Rabbi Meeting Governor


3, February

We are glad to inform you that activity of Pervomaysk Jewish Community and its chairman Michael Shefkin was marked by local Culture Department. Fax message with words of gratefulness was sent to head Rabbi of Mykolayiv Sholom Gottlieb. It says: “We thank you, Mr. Gottlieb, for you support and contribution to the culture of Pervomaysk.”

Fax message with words of gratefulness

Choose a Jewish Name

It’s always very important to choose Jewish name in accordance to what it’s meaning by the Torah. Therefore, we are happy to present you the list of the most common Jewish names. May your choice be blessed.

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Haya Mushka

Life in our kindergarten is always very busy and our children have no time to waste. Recently the line of Channukah holidays had passed, that were so exciting. We welcomed Mykolayiv puppets-theater. All the kids enjoyed watching wonderful tale “Stories of Little Fox”. A few days later we held children arts contest dedicated to Channukah, which is named as the holiday of lights. That is why there were a lot of Channukah candles made by kids. Moreover they created their favorite Sevivons (peg-top), that looked so gorgeous. Contest winners got prizes and the right to light the candles on menorah, which was made of a lot of bright lights. It was put on the windows of our kindergarten’s music hall. By the last Channukah day all the rooms were glowing.

Our children participated at the Channukah show held at City concert hall. Each year they learn new wonderful dances. This year the audience could see new performances: “Channukah Evening”, “Mindal”, “Sufganiet”. Little dancers on stage, how sweet that is.

Last few days kids were preparing for a new staging. This is going to be a real play. Roles are spread and children learn them with a lot of enthusiasm. The performance will contain a lot of music.

We welcomed Mykolayiv puppets-theater

Channukah show at City concert hall

Channukah show at City concert hall

Simhat Beit Ashoeva in the city concert hall

Recently, with all its pleasure and joy we celebrated Jewish Holiday Simhat Beit Ashova, which signifies the end of Sukkot. It was organized by Mykolayiv Jewish Community and by personal assistance of the head Rabbi Sholom Gottlieb. He had blessed all the guests with Lulav.

Despite the pouring raid, quite a lot of people managed to come and the hall, which was conditionally divided on men and women part was completely full.

Simhat Beit Ashoeva, which by the way means “rejoicing of water aspersion” had been celebrated with songs of boys choir “Yaudei Isroel,” girls dance groups and even our Jewish Doll Theater. Ekaterina Mazurenko, who graduated from the school “Or-Menachem” had debuted as the dance groups’ choreographer.

Perhaps, the most exciting part of the evening was the parody on the famous TV show in Russia “Bolshaia Stirka” by “Or-Menachem” pupil Edik Ayzikin. This guy literally terrorized the guests with funny questions. His main interviewers were Rabbi Sholom Gottlieb, Moshe and Freidi Kaminezky and the principal of “Or-Menachem” Galina Nelina and of course well-known Gregory Anbinder.

The holiday estafette was given to our Pervomayisk guests. Alla Liskevitch and the chairman of Pervomaysk Jewish Community sang for the audience with kleizmer orchestra “Mazl Tov”. Famous Jewish melodies-freihels were sang: “Hevenu Sholom Aleychem,” “Hava-Nagila,” etc.

Chasidic dances are one of the most important parts of the celebration, so all the guests danced with pleasure. Frankly speaking, all the guests were tired but happy that they were loaded with positive energy, cheer and optimism.

Simhat Beit Ashoeva in the city concert hall

Simhat Beit Ashoeva in the city concert hall

Simhat Beit Ashoeva in the city concert hall

Jubilee in Voznesensk

Voznesensk Jewish Community has completed its fifth year. Thanking our Rabbi Sholom Gottlieb, it attained its second breath. Members have an ability to learn Hebrew, Torah and Jewish traditions. We celebrate all the holidays and keep the traditions. Each Friday we gather up to welcome Shabath. We even have kleizmer orchestra and little library.

The unrelievable chairman of the community is Dmitry Abramovitch. Our spirit leader is Boris Sokolovsky. The head Rabbi Sholom Gottlieb often visits our community, and we are always more than glad to see him.

Mykolayiv branch of charity foundation “Hesed Menachem” play important role in life of disabled and indigent people. That is why we are grateful to its director Lubov Maksimadji, who has been devoted to the foundation for quite a long time. Recently she visited our community with “Hesed Menachem” charity mission and presented new programs that were to be performed in the nearest future.

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated the Jewish New Year—Rosh Hashana. We laid the holiday table. We had guests from Israel—the young guys who helped us with the religion part: lighting the candles, reading the prayers, etc.

Our community life is being brought to life again, so are Jewish culture and traditions. Many people could feel themselves as Jews, which is very important for us. We would like to express our gratefulness to all the people, that help us growing stronger.

G. Isaeva

Sukkot in Kindergarten “Haya-Mushka”

Unity and joy are determined motives of Sukkot. It is one of the most incredible and joyful holidays, that our kids love very much. One of the commandment of Sukkot is building a Sukka (cabin). Children usually can’t wait to see the small cabin in the backyards. We also built one. Our pupils made it looking very bright by decorating it with a lot of garlands. All 7 days of the holiday we will have Sukka in our backyard. Every morning our children come out the house and put together 4 kinds of plants: Etrog, Lulav, Adas and Arava and bless them.

As for Sukkot, we must be full of joy and happy. That’s why our pedagogical staff had prepared funny entertaining program with games, songs and dances.

S. Jigadlo

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Sukkot in Kindergarten “Haya-Mushka”

Sukkot in Kindergarten “Haya-Mushka”